A very popular fellow GBO member read my call for new members. He not only joined the Club, he donated a custom made Reel for the Clubs 2013 Chantry Chinook Derby. Photos to come in the new year, but here is a story of its legacy. This reel had an offer of $2000 from a collector, but Ron rejected it in favour of helping the LHFC out. Here is a chance for all of you to also buy a membership to the OS or the LHFC.

Reel: Chasing Tail
Year built: 2009, Modified 2012

Chasing tail was originally designed as a tribute to the majestic Steelhead. The fish silhouettes revolve around the reel as a symbol of an ever renewing resource. However, as common knowledge within the angling community this renewable resource needs some help along the way. That's were the Lake Huron Fishing Club comes in. They have been working hard to enhance our fishery for many years by working countless hours as volunteers generating financial support and exercising the physical duties within the hatchery. Relying on donations and generating revenue on their own has been the pillar of our continued enjoyment fishing for this wonderful fish. I have wanted to help give back for a long time but never had the resources to do so until now. I thought this reel would be a perfect gift for the club to utilize in their efforts to acquire funding for their hatchery program.

This past summer I decided to make a few changes to the reel, adjust the colour and do some minor internal design changes that I felt would further enhance the reel. The specs are fairly standard as with most of my designs and the fact that this "one-off" reel functions as well on the stream as it looks on the mantle has a real appeal to both collectors or casual steelheaders alike.

I would like to thank LHFC and it's volunteer staff for a job well done.

Ron Gardiner