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    Al Wilkins Steps Down

    I can't believe that no-one has mentioned Al's decision to step back after years of dedication, hard work and guiding the club over some very shallow reefs.

    Hats off to you, Al for many years of effort, and my full support to the new LHFC executive:

    President – Brian Garnet;
    Vice President – Michael Hahn;
    Treasurer – Mike Blumhagen;
    Secretary – Dave Armstrong;
    Director – Harold Cowan;
    Director – Kyle Watson;
    Director – Robert Greason;
    Director – Carmen Gazel;
    Director – Norm Dobson;
    Director – Todd Devries.

    A good mix of old and new capabilities.

    GBO is directly responsible for many of the names listed - particularly those of you who must still pay for your fishing permit for some long time. Posts here begging for new executive and derby committee members brought out new people and probably saved the club.

    Doubt me? Go back and check the LHFC newsletters and the desperate begging posts here.

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    I don't know Al but hats off to him, and congrats to the new executive!

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    Only knew Al a short time but a great guy,sure things will still run GREAT with the new group

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    I did a short video clip for the magazine last year with him at the hatchery. GREAT GUY!!!!

    Kincardine Fish Hatchery <---- click to view

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    Al certainly left some big shoes to fill. 2 years ago he told us he would head up the LHFC with a 2 year committment. And we are a better Club because of it.
    Al has agreed to sit on as Past President this year to help us out. He will also continue to look after the Trout Hatchery.
    That is why I kept it as a low profile issue, as he is not leaving us hanging. Al is too much of a stand up guy to let that happen.

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    Plus he's looking at running a couple School Salmon Aquariums in Kincardine &/or Port Elgin, doesn't sound like he will be going far but maybe he'll get more fishing in lol
    Tight Lines Richard

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