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Thread: Chantry Wrapup

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    Chantry Wrapup

    The committee and spouses met at Bert Kuntz's in Port Elgin yesterday for our annual celebratory party.

    The event's as much a celebration as the beginning of the 2013 Chantry Derby. 2012's failures and successes are best discussed over BBQ with goodies and decent liquid bevvies that haven't been pissed in by fish (W.C. Fields).

    Here is what came about:


    Derby entrants were up by about 12% as were ticket sales - roughly;

    Fish numbers were up (the numbers and results can be seen on our web site), but we were disappointed in a sub-20 winner as 25lb+ Salmon were boated in the 2 weeks leading up to the Derby;

    The prize lot was the best since I've been involved: more cash, more categories, and the special Walker Rainbow Class powered by the Choronzeys and Steelheaders;

    As promised here, I put forth the possibility of same-day registration and it was refused for apparent reasons;

    On-line registration through PayPal is a success and will be continued, so you can order late today and fish tomorrow;

    A major cash infusion to LHFC's coffers will be announced that will ensure future stocking success and your continued enjoyment;


    A very, very successful Derby with the help of our friends and sponsors.

    More to follow.

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    Thanks for the update Nick and bringing forward my suggestion, it was greatly appreciated. Have a great fall.

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    well done by all the derby committee members and volunteers!!!

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    Thanks Nick. It was a great event and I cannot wait until next years Derby. A Special Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Kuntz for an amazing afternoon this past Sunday.

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