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    Some Chantry Derby pics

    I thought I would share a couple pictures taken during the derby. Here is a pic taken after dark on the full moon , everything seems to come alive at night.
    This is a pic of a beautiful Lake Huron sunrise.
    And the 2 winning fish, 18.19lb lake trout and 18.83lb chinook.


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    Great pics, that 1 of the back of the boat is a real beauty...thanks for sharing David!

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    very nice David!

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    Very thanks!

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    I love that back of the boat picture. Makes me jealous.

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    nothing like scotty's at sunrise!

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    The picture shew us what we were missing. We enjoyed the fishing there although our chances were limited by the weather and having to drive almost 2 hrs to get to Kincardine.
    Plus, we were just not too serious about it either.
    Overall it was a good experience. It was one of those unusual places where you don't even have to pay to launch a boat.
    Next time we might just book accommodation for the week and enjoy sightseeing at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing David....and thank you to all the volunteers that made the derby possible.

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