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    Who's going DEEEEEP?

    Is anyone having success in the very deep water, 200' plus? Most of the boats out here over the last few days seem to be hugging the 100FOW range. I supposed the heavy seas kept many people in close. I did hear about a nice salmon brought in to the weight station yesterday caught in over 350FOW, downrigging to below 200'. We've been working the 200FOW range quite heavily but not seeing a whole lot.

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    We wer out to 220 feet this morning, marked a few down 120, only got a small pink down 110.

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    Temperatures are all screwy now. Some of the fisherman have reported surface temps around 70 degrees and still getting the same or slightly less at 150'. In order to hit the magical ~50degree mark your gonna need to go real deep or find some cold water springs filtering up from the bottom.

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    Today was sack. Temps all over the place and fish everywhere. Many boats fishing 50-60 feet of water.

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