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    So, fished Huron yesterday.
    Brought 8 to the boat...dropped another half dozen. NO SHAKERS..all quality fish.
    All up high, and all but one were steelhead.
    5 steelhead carried adipose clips and were between 4 and 9lbs

    As of last night, 391 trout had found a place on the Chantry scales. That is pretty wild. The Chantry will see the all time steelhead entries eclipsed within the next few days if it hasnt happend already....again, pretty wild.

    Hats of to the LHFC and OS for this incredible steelhead fishing. I like the fact I can go out and troll off the Saugeen Shores and get sore ribs from hard fighting chromers.

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    Given the luck I have been having, those are some impressive numbers! Way to go.

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    Same here.....
    We were able to go 3 times granted the first 2 were short but the last one was five hrs in the water and just a couple of knock offs.
    This was in Kincardine and I really haven't fished Lake Huron before.
    However, we covered from 60 ft. to 134 ft. of water in between the port and the power plant. We didn't spot too many fish either, but it's a big lake. Guess there were 11 Salmon and 32 trout came in, in Kincardine when we fished last Wednesday.
    Well maybe try again sometime next week.
    Good luck all.

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    Great news Josh.

    I'm back up that way on the weekend. Hurts to be a 5 minute drive from the Geen with all the Steelhead still in the lake.


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    Here are a few snaps from this afternoon on Huron and one evening.....

    Top picks have been a number of Hotfish spoons....2.3mph to 2.7mph.
    Braided Deeper Divers set 200ft+ back on setting 2 are hot items for the steelies.
    Chinooks (5 in 2 trips) are taking cracks at Spin Dr's and Meat rigs off the riggers.

    Got to spend some time at different weigh stations...good job the group from the LHFC do as volunteers.

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    Sounds like you had a good day Josh. I think I may have seen you coming off water in Port at about 5pm or just there after

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    Could be, but I launch a fair bit north of Port

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    Nice report Josh! I cant wait till fall when they come home to the rivers

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