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    Leader Board changes

    I just had a look at the leader board to see if anything big came in this morning and noticed a few salmon made it to the board today but what caught my eye is the 18.?lb brown trout that was leading the trout category seems to have vanished. Was I dreaming when I saw that on there yesterday?

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    The big Brown is still posted Kyle...18.40lbs. It's killing me to on the lake all week on vacation only to be shore bound on baby duty!!!

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    Strange, when I click on the leader board link it shows the leading trout at 14.89 brought in today at 1:55pm.

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    I see that...I was looking at the daily results (from yesterday). Perhaps it was disqualified for some reason.

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    This is a very difficult post for me.

    That beautiful Brown is disqualified.

    The board as it stands now in real time is accurate. We are all of us on the committee distressed for the entrant.

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    I expand on my previous post with the following..

    Derby rule number 6 is explicit:

    "6. Entrants fishing from vessels must ensure that all occupants onboard regardless of age have a valid Derby ticket. Participants agree to allow official representatives of the Derby to inspect their vessels to ascertain that all occupants are entered."

    On July 29th a Brown Trout weighing 18.4 lbs. was entered. On July 31st the entrant voluntarily contacted Derby Chair Todd Devries stating that he was unaware of the rule when he caught the fish and that he had a person aboard who was not entered. The committee was polled and decided that there was no alternative but to apply the rule and disqualify the fish. This is a very unfortunate turn of events and the entrant must be commended for coming forth.

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    A perfectly worded post Nick. I commend the entrant for stepping up. It proves we still have some honesty left in the world.......I do agree - The Derby Committee had no choice. Rules cannot be bent........

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    Better he come forward now then it slip out later on, Kudos for him coming forward & the committee had no chose once they knew, Great Day on the water yesterday, out from 9:30 until about 7:30 went 9 for 16 fishing 150' to 165' of water & down 80 to 110' mostly, weighed in a Laker that was 11.51lbs biggest fish in Kincardine yesterday, not bad for a Bass & Pike fisherman lol, had a great day 2 - 4lb Rainbow's also & 6 Pinks, Dipsy Divers were working but most came off the Main lines & a few off the Sliders, all caught on spoons, stay safe out there & maybe see you Friday or Monday buddy works the weekend
    Tight Lines Richard

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    That is commendable coming forward with the honest truth.
    It was unfortunate that he didn't know the rule beforehand.
    I and my wife is enjoying the derby so far although we haven't got anything to enter yet.
    But we'll sail again soon.....
    Good luck every one.

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