JimBow -- Sunday, 23 9 01, at 4:15 p.m.

I was wondering is freezing spawn after it is tied (roe bags) is OK?

Grant! Re: Spawn
Grant <Send E-Mail> -- Sunday, 23 9 01, at 7:08 p.m.

Hi Jim:

Sure it'd possible to freeze roe bags, even re-freeze them a couple of times, as long as you are using loose eggs in your roe bags. That's either loose untreated eggs or loose water-hardened eggs.

It's necessary to protect the roe bags from freezer-burn by either sealing them in plastic bags or aluminum foil or plastic jars with the oxygen depleted (or vacuumed out) to keep the bags top quality. If you have lots, you can simply fill a container right to the top and freeze it like that or even freeze small containers and bag them or wrap them in newspaper. For long time storage you can freeze small containers or baggies and then cover with water and freeze again.

Skein roe is another kettle of fish, so-to-speak. In my experience it is necesssary to treat skein roe before freezing it, something I normally avoid.

I know, there are dozens if not hundreds of skein recipes and I have west coast buddies that catch more fish with boraxed and Pro-cured roe than anything else but that's there and their fish, primarily salmon and not even our Tule strain chinook salmon. For rainbow fishing, If I get a skein of rainbow or salmon eggs I scrape eggs off the skein and use them fresh in bags for about a week. After that the eggs are pretty ripe and don't produce so well. Freezing scraped eggs is a disaster as the skin of the egg breaks down from the frost crystals. If you must keep skein eggs then treat them and freeze them or treat them and use them before two weeks go by. Tied skein eggs must be used up or thrown out in my opinion.