salmon run
jerry onetim <Send E-Mail> -- Sunday, 16 9 01, at 6:47 p.m.

i am very excited about the salmon run this year. what is a good set up used to catch these fish. can i expect to see some steelhead come in also. i was thinking of using small silver spinners. if you've evr fished the credit river, please let me in on some tips. thank you for your time.

ps.i've fished about a mill dam in the spring and had outstanding success with spring steelhead. would this be a good spot to fish in the fall?

Grant! Re: salmon run
Grant <Send E-Mail> -- Sunday, 16 9 01, at 11:45 p.m.


I haven't fished the lower Credit River since I moved from Guelph to Bruce County in 1981 but any pool below a fast stretch should hold salmon if they are in the river at all.

Yes, spinners will catch salmon, also trout and just about every predator fish that certain times. I wouldn't say to use "small" spinners though and not necessarily silver. The colour of your best-producing spinners will vary according to water conditions, especially for steelhead. Sometimes, like when the water is cold and/or discoloured, hot colours work very well. When the water is clear and the fish are spooky, spinners that are dull and almost invisible to you and me will really produce. Last fall I tried a dull brass-coloured spinner in the Saugeen just as an experiment and hooked a fresh male chinook right away. Around Georgian Bay, some of the salmon anglers use an elastic band to hole the rear hook of a Lyman against the body and remove the front hook to allow casting a lure that is really designed for downrigging. One of the hottest of these Lymans is the clown colour, chatreuse with red dots.

If you are after spawning-run salmon, (the only ones that do enter the rivers) you should accept that aggravation lures rather than food imitation lures are what will make them bite. Night fishing with shallow-running body baits like glow in the dark Rebel Fastracks will get tremendous strikes from big males guarding the females. Also glow finish J-Plugs or any other body bait that doesn't dive into the weeds and snags. If you buy Rebel Fastracks, get the jointed body ones with the short lips as the deeper diving ones will just get fouled into the bottom. Make sure you have sharp hooks and use a heavier line than you use for rainbows as the big male chinooks will rip up your tackle budget otherwise.

Grant in Bruce County.