heavier floatrod for BC and great lakes Chinooks
Jason W -- Tuesday, 10 7 01, at 8:52 p.m.

Hi Grant, I am looking for a steelhead blank more heavy duty than my N1384 and 3 or 4 piece so I can travel easily (especially the rental car!) I think my only option is a two handed flyrod blank with guides and reelseat put on for a centerpin. Basically I think I will be using 8-12lb leaders and maybe slinging up to an ounce of lead/and jig under a #3 or#4 Drennan Piker. Any advice on a good blank that doesnt weigh a ton and would work for this heavier water fishing would be appreciated. Thankyou, Jason

Grant! Re: heavier floatrod for BC and great lakes Chinooks
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Wednesday, 11 7 01, at 9:54 a.m.


I spoke with Lorne Fletcher this morning to find out what he has available to suit your requirements.

I was thinking of a three piece Lamiglas blank that my Kincardine fishing chum John Aldridge used to build a heavier Saugeen River specialty float rod about ten years ago. John let me try the rod when he used it for the first time and I hooked a big rainbow with it right away. Then I stepped into a hole over my head and had to play the fish from a submerged position. I lost the fish but I'll never forget the laughter from John. He asked me if I saw any more fish while I was underwater.

Lorne told me that he has several Talon and D&M blanks that would do the job but best of all he has some Lamiglas 14 foot IM700 blanks in 3 piece... designed as Spey rods.

You could buy the blank from him or get him to finish the rod to your
specifiations, but whatever you choose I suggest you phone him and get it put away as he just bought out a retiring rodbuilder and the choice stuff won't last long.

Sounds like you're going to have a great trip on western rivers, I hope you will share a few fishing stories when you return.

Best of Luck,


(Fletcher's Sports is just north of Owen Sound on #6 highway between Springmount and Shallow Lake. Phone 519-371-8587)