stoney <Send E-Mail> -- Wednesday, 4 7 01, at 6:49 p.m.

hi grant: i've vacationed at pine tree harbour for many years now and have fished that little inlet and the lake outside it with some success, also have fished cameron lake. this year (2nd week of july) i'll be bringing my 14 footer/20 hp with me and was wondering if you could offer some spots in that general area where i could trailer and launch with a reasonable chance of cathing fish, i also enjoy fishing for brookies in streams and rivers so that can be put in the mix as well. thanks


Grant! Re: fishin' spots - upper bruce
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Monday, 9 7 01, at 10:03 a.m.


The Bruce Peninsula offers some great fishing opportunities but to get top brookie waters you have to go further north in my opinion. Spring Creek and Willow Creek have a few brookies and there are some other cedar swamp-type creeks with little specks and big mosquitoes but cold spring water is in short supply.

As for walleye, if you really work for them you can get walleye in Chesley and Gould lakes, also Boat Lake but bass and pike are present in most of the inland lakes and much more common. Berford and Baot are both quite good for bass at times with Boat having both smallmouth and largemouth. Arran Lake has largemouth for those who take the time to fish for them properly.

Smallmouth bass can be caught along the shoreline from Sauble north, especially around the fishing islands but pay attention to the wind direction because an offshore wind makes the shoreline temperature drop and often the bass disappear or stop biting.

I've heard of good summer trolling results in Dorcas Bay but never tried it myself. Sometimes you can be surprised by a muskie anywhere along the shoreline. I even caught a 12 pounder once trolling for salmon and last year one was caught in Colpoys Bay on a salmon spoon.

Not using downriggers limits you somewhat but a diving planer like a Dipsey or Pink Lady can still put you onto salmon when the fish are in close. During the upcoming Chantry Chinook Classic (July 27 to August 11) you can fish to Lyal Island and lots of derby prizes have been won along that shoreline.

The best thing to do is buy a good map or two of the area you are interested in and perhaps a chart of the waters along the shoreline. There are so many bays and inlets along that Pinetree shoreline that I doubt a man could ever fish every spot in twenty years.

Good Luck.