Boat 4 Lake Huron/Georgian Bay
Keiran MacDougal <Send E-Mail> -- Thursday, 24 5 01, at 10:15 a.m.


There seems to be a lot of small aluminum boats puttering around the harbours on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, and it doesn't look like a safe means of enjoying the outdoors.

Do you have any recommendations for watercraft on these bodies of water?

Thanks, and itís good to see you here full time.

Grant! Re: Boat 4 Lake Huron/Georgian Bay
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Thursday, 24 5 01, at 1:11 p.m.

Thanks for the comments Keiran.

I agree with your statement and the implication that too many are undersized for safety.

Offshore fishing in Lake Huron requires a minimum of a 16 foot deep V hull boat and it should be equipped with a VHF radio, compass, GPS receiver, all the required saftey equipment, ESPECIALLY lights. A motor of at least 15 hp or ideally a minimum of a 25 hp motor with a small kicker motor like a 2-4 hp would help makeit safer. In addition, having a cell phone aboard wouldn't hurt.

Now those with less can still pick their days and select to fish close to shore but they know and I know that a good fishing day will make then take chances and they'll gamble to get in on good fishing.

I know because I've been there and done that. I risked my life and my son's life once in a 16 foot steel Tilbury with a 5.5 1956 Johnson outboard. It was twenty years ago and we were fishing the old Heavy Water outfall at the Bruce Nuclear site. When we finally left and came out to the open lake, the waves that had come up were enough to take your breath away. We had to fight our way back to the boat launch at Baie de Dore with monstrous waves hovering over us.

Huron is dangerous, it's an inland sea and I am amazed more anglers aren't lost.

As for Georgian Bay, I've seen anglers miles from shore with shallow 12 foot boats, even canoes!

Bays like Whippoorwill at Lion's Head, Barrow Bay, Colpoys, Owen Sound and Meaford can be fished safely with a 14 foot boat if self-discipline is used but for real safety, the Huron standards I stated above should be met.

Oh yes, and make sure the boat has a good battery powered light as well as a searchlight.