Arnold Kingpin centrepin reels
Ray Sandison <Send E-Mail> -- Tuesday, 22 5 01, at 4:15 p.m.

Grant, What can you tell me about the quality and reliability of Arnold Kingpin reels. How do they measure up with the other manufacturers out there like Stanton and J.W. Young? I have only ever seen a handful of these reels on the riverbank. Any information that you could provide would be very helpful. Kind regards, Ray.

Grant! Re: Arnold Kingpin centrepin reels
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Tuesday, 22 5 01, at 7:45 p.m.


I've seen one at a local store and examined it but never used one nor spoke with anyone that has. Next time I visit Lorne Fletcher's Tackle shop I'll take another look. ( Maybe Thursday)
It takes considerable use of one to get an idea about its reliability so in all fairness I really cannot say anything about the Kingpins.

My rules on satisfactory centrepins are simple:

1) Must not have anything that can catch line or come off easily when fishing.

2) Must have recessed handles so line cannot get underneath.

3) Spare parts and servicing must be available within a reasonable time period.

4) Must be reasonably priced.( Compared to Stantons and J.W. Youngs)

5) Reel seats should be sturdy.

6) Reel itself should not be overly heavy. (Compared to Stantons or J.W. Young reels)

7) Must be machined to close standards so spool doesn't obviously wobble and line cannot easily go between spool and frame.

8) Must spin easily (blow on it and it spins test).


If a reel cannot be easily disassembled or comes apart too easily when being used, forget it.