Noodle Rod
Reno Candido <Send E-Mail> -- Tuesday, 8 5 01, at 12:47 p.m.

Dear Grant,

In the off-season I am looking to purchase a new noodle rod (13') with a wood reel seat rather than sliding rings. Could you suggest a good rod and give me somme suggestions on where such a rod may purchased.


Grant! Re: Noodle Rod
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Tuesday, 8 5 01, at 3:50 p.m.

Hi Reno:

I never did like sliding rings and I applaud your choice. It is important however to make sure the location of your reel seat suits you so if you already have a 13 footer, measure the amount of butt you prefer behind the seat.
My rod has five inches between the wooden reel seat and the butt end.

Lorne Greene sent me a beauty about five years ago, which quickly became my favourite, despite having built my own previously. Unfortunately his web page no longer comes up. There are lots of good rod builders in Ontario and it really pays to deal locally if you know of someone in your area.

I have a 13 foot St. Croix, an 11.5 foot 4 weight Loomis IM6 (too light for the Saugeen but oh so sweet), an old 12 foot Fenwick 1440 HMG (I wish they still made these blanks) and a 13 foot Loomis GL3. All are decent rods but for value and performance I prefer the GL3. It will handle 2 0r 8 pound leaders with ease, flexes with big fish and casts perfect for me. Before you think I'm employed by Gary Loomis, let me say that I cannot see any difference between the 13 foot IMX and the 13 foot GL3 except cosmetics and price and I've tried them side by side.

As for good deals in custom-built rods, Drew Watson at Watson's Tackle House in Owen Sound is my local favourite while Jerry King at Kingsway Tackle in Guelph would be my choice if I still lived in that area. My apologies to all the other good guys but I can't recommend someone whose work I don't know.

Grant in Bruce County.