Spring Fishing Success
Jay <Send E-Mail> -- Friday, 4 5 01, at 12:01 p.m.


Sorry to hear about the outdoors page. Myself and all the lads from Peterborough who avidly follow your knowledgeable posts are sad. I would just like to personally thank you for your advice over the past few months. With your helpful tips my float reel casting has come along leaps and bounds resulting in the most successful winter steelheading I have ever experienced.

Also, with some of your insight and knowledge the Peterborough lads decided to try some Huron tribs for opener.

We fished the lower Saugeen on Friday and ended up fishing the Bayfield and Nine Mile for opener and we did very well. We went around 20 for 60 on opener between five guys. I will truly say that I fell in love with the Huron Tribs we fished and I will return in the fall to the Nine Mile.

From PEte, Borwick, Gibson, George and myself, thanks again.

All the best,
See ya on the river,

Grant! Re: Spring Fishing Success
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Friday, 4 5 01, at 10:03 p.m.

Thanks a lot Jay.
Now I'll have to get a new motorcycle helmet as the old one will be too small.

You guys from Peterborough have been great for sharing fishing information and have set a fine example for others. Just think of the miles and hours on the road that are wasted because some anglers don't share river conditions.

From all the e-mail I've received this week I would have to change my name and wear a disguise if I didn't get another outdoors web page up and running soon. Fortunately Bruce is a working fiend and has everything set up to put me back on line, perhaps this weekend.

Hopefully we'll have a great summer for salmon, bass, pike, muskies and maybe if we're real lucky, a run of summer steelhead in the Saugeen again.

I'm glad to hear you have that float reel mastered, it will just get easier and easier from now on. It sure does ruin you for spinning reels though, it's so much fun.

I have my boat ready to go and the chinooks are tearing up tackle off the Nuclear Station, my cameras loaded, I better get to bed and pray for a calm morning on Lake Huron.

Grant in Bruce County.