thanks for the info
Rob Smith <Send E-Mail> -- Thursday, 3 5 01, at 10:56 p.m.

Ill be there or be square this weekend, as for the guys on 68 they are helpfull but theres alot of them that are a bit ODD, like when one says "what are you using?" the other guy says "what we talked about" then "how deep?" "same as before" what the heck are these guys trying to protect? do they really think there chances of losing a derby is in jepradey by letting the perverbiale cat out of the bag. gee all I wanted was to catch some fish! my god the amount of fish that was caught last weekend who cares! Sorry for the rant! my handle is RIGGIN & JIGGIN and thanks again for the info I hope it works I would like to meet up sometime , who knows? Rob Smith

Grant! Re: thanks for the info
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Friday, 4 5 01, at 12:45 a.m.


I hear you and I know exactly what you mean about keeping big secrets. There are a couple of guys who make a big production about their secrets but the rest of us are on to them and we won't forget when they ask for help. What comes around, goes around as they will eventually learn. Just make a note of the ones who are selfish and secretive and you'll recognize the names.

Most of the guys who volunteer to man the hatcheries that raise the fish these guys are catching are very helpful. If you run into anglers from the Lake Huron Fishing Club, Sydenham Sportsmen's Association, Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen's Association, Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Club, Georgian Triangle Angler's Association (I'm a member of all of the above) and other Bruce and Grey County conservation organizations you'll get a considerate reply to your queries. It's the ones who do little or nothing towards maintaining our fishery that are the selfish ones.

My boat and handle is "Stoker Too" and I'm around the Salmon Spectacular circus tent taking pictures every day of the derby. If you hear me out on Huron or Georgian Bay don't be shy and that goes for anyone else that wants to give me a call. I monitor channel 68 north of the nuclear station and channel 71 south of that point. Sometimes if the radio is especially busy though, I just monitor the coast guard channel, #16.

Grant in Bruce County.