what's the problem?
Rob Smith <Send E-Mail> -- Wednesday, 2 5 01, at 9:23 p.m.

I was at the sound on the past week end and was out rigging
sat and sunday. sat. I caught a small shaker 9" or less
but thats all! Lots of fish being caught but not by me!
sunday seemed like fishermans heaven out there at Thompsons hole for everyone else but me. I did catch a nice 19 LBer
but thats all . Ive got lots of Lymans, siver foxes, riplin
red fins raps I fished about ten feet from bottom where ever
I marked fish. Iuse 15lb line but not sur at what speed
to go and how far from the cannon ball to be? hope you can
suggest something thanks look forward to your new board.

Grant! Re: what's the problem?
Grant Ferris <Send E-Mail> -- Thursday, 3 5 01, at 12:36 a.m.

Hi Rob:

From your post it seems to me that you are doing everything right except one little thing. Owen Sound salmon fishing in the spring is slightly different than anywhere else that I know of and it looks like you already suspect the cause of the problem. You must troll dead slow, as slow as you can, so slow that your downrigger cables are hanging straight down. Many boats won't troll that slow and must tow a couple of five gallon pails behind them.

I can only guess at the reason for this eccentricity, it's maybe temperature related. The bottom of Owen Sound is quite deep and the long narrow shape of the bay keeps Thompson's Hole the same temperature as the same depth of Georgian Bay. There is quite a current sometimes and if you don't have a speed and temperature sensor at the ball, you should be watching the angle of your downrigger cable very closely...especially when you change direction.

As for length of lead, my fellow Sydenham Sportsmen's Association members seem to do quite well with 10-20 foot leads. I haven't got my boat out yet but hope to this weekend.

You might wish to listen in on channel 68 when in the Sound, most locals are friendly and helpful except sometimes during derby time.

Thanks for the kind words about the web page, if I can get some time free we will be back up with "Grey-Bruce Outdoors" very soon.

Grant in Bruce County