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    Cisco Pattern

    Does anyone have a decent pattern they could share that would imitate a cisco that I could tie on to a jig head up to 1/2oz and will be 3-4" in length?

    Here's what I need to imitate:

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    The 601 colour seems like a decent cisco, although the top isn't too dark.

    Available at Sail:

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    Thanks William,

    I didn't specify it was a fly pattern for a jig I was looking for, but I don't mind expanding my soft plastic options as well. I like the 601 and the 202 looks good too and both would be worth a go.
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    If you're going for a cisco you could just go straight to the basics with marabou and layer some colours... white, then grey with some blue flash mixed in.. but with 3-4 inches length you're looking for that could be tough... I've used pseudo hair many times and it definitely would be good for what you're looking for. great movement on that stuff... to keep a good profile you'll likely wanna brush out a bunch of the underfur that it has.

    I assume you're using this for vertical jigging for lakers? or did I give away the big secret? :P
    Elijah Adair

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    Thanks Eli,

    That's exactly what I'm planning on using it for, no big secret

    I just want to expand my options and play around with a few new approaches this year to see what does and doesn't work. The reason I need it to be in the 3-4" range is because that is size they feed on, not saying a 6"+ wouldn't get bit from some aggressive fish. That picture is of a 6"-7"er that was floating on the surface that I scooped up.
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    A pattern similar to a clouser tied on a jig head could get the job done. Also a double bunny with grey on top and white on the bottom with a bit of flash would look good and have a lot of movement too. Or like Eli said a marabou jig would also be good. Lots of options if you have the materials!

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    Don't worry Dan, access to the materials isn't an issue It's always nice to have an old man who is retired and bored in the winter and loves to sit behind a vise
    "Gone fishin' by a shady wady pool...." - Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby

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    Look at the Fin-s plastic baits. Work great in 20-50 ft of water for walleye in the St. Clair River. Multiple colours. Hope it helps.

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