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    Cool Busy Releasing Salmon

    We've been busy with our School Program after setting dates for releases we set up Kincardine Trout Hatchery & Lighthouse Museum Tours top add to the day, I've released 5 of my schools & Al has released his 2 Kincardine School's & Ron his Ripley School, the Students Teachers & volunteers have enjoyed there days so far & the weather has cooperated too, lots more for me to release yet 2 more schools each of the next 2 weeks & 2 more schools to book releases still. Then I'll have time to Fish I hope lol. Check out my blog to see where I've been the last few weeks.
    Thanx & Tight Lines Richard

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    Very cool Richard. Thanks for all the work you and all the kids etc are doing. Great job!

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    Nice job Richard, keep up the good work!

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    Great work Richard and crew! This can only be a win-win for the angling community when these youngsters grow up even if they never wet a line!

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