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    Check out these works of art from Ron @ RSG Custom Reels!!!


    On behalf of the LHFC and the Chantry Derby Committee, I want to give a heartfelt Thank you for your donation of a Custom Mooching Reel. One of these reels will be paired with a custom Rod by Laverne Blacklock and that will be the biggest Rainbow Prize. The other reel will rest comfortably above my mantle for life!

    Check these babies out!!
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    Best donations ever !

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    Wow, those are spectacular!!
    I don't care if you lick windows or ride the short bus. You hang in there Sunshine! You're friggin SPECIAL!!

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    Sweet looking Mooching Reels...anyone to win those will be very lucky

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    Nice, great work Ron!, very generous donation, thanks.

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    Very very nice work Ron!
    Jack Frank

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    Very nice work as always!
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    The bar just got set a little higher.

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    Stunning work dies it get any better!?


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    With RG's talent I would expect many more beauties for all of us to see in the future Josh.

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    I could use one of those Moochers on my boat

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    Michael, you will have to experience the reel a couple of times before it hits the mantel above the fireplace. These are truly functional works of art. Top notch, as always Ron!

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    Most beautiful knucklebusters I have ever seen. ( Islander who? )
    GT......... Simplicity is the key to brilliance - Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

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    Sorry for the delay in responding guys, Just got back from Labrador, thanks for the kind words.

    Michael, I hope you have a great turn out at the derby!

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