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    Lake Huron Rod and Gun 5% Discount to LHFC Members

    Please support those who support us.........

    RR# 3 3643 HWY# 21
    PHONE 519-368-4867
    FAX 519-368-7182

    March 25, 2015
    To Whom It May Concern,
    Starting April 1st, 2015, your club members will receive a 5% discount on all items in store. Please let your members know about this, as well as let new potential members know, there are good reasons to join your club. Here is list of restrictions:

    1/ They must present their up to date membership card to get their discount
    2/ The 5% discount cannot be applied to an already special priced or sale item
    3/ The card holder cannot loan his card to an individual who is not a club member, so a picture ID may be required

    Brad Thomas

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    Can't beat that deal! Better to funnel your cash into a local vendor than some big box store!

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    Agreed Ron. Thank you.


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    Brad over the years has done a lot to support both clubs and the river projects. What I can't understand is why the LHFC only gets a 5% discount and the Steelheaders receive 22 percent discounts

    Also lifetime line fill-ups when we buy his reels

    Rumour has it also, that he's installing a new gas pump for free fill-ups when we have the fish trailers on the backs of our truck.

    What a guy!!!!

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    You Steelheaders sure have some smooth talkers to negotiate these type of deals DC!!!

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