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    Denny's Cam - Likely finished for good

    We folks, our cost to run the Denny Cam has gone from $80 bucks a month to $280 bucks a month. The LHFC cannot support the increase costs. This leaves us 2 choices:

    Ice it forever or raise $2400 bucks through new memberships. That translates to 68 new members. And fast. We cannot wait. You guys up to it?

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    Why the sudden increase in cost?? and why so much?
    If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference!

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    Scrap it. Never works when the peak run hits.
    On top of that, it is far too much work to maintain (cleaning, etc) and provides unrealistic data that doesn't represent the returns to the dam.
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    I am not an IT expert by any means, but it has something to do with the connectivity at the dam and the way it has to be streamed or something like that.

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    Axe it! It's not even worth the $80 to watch some dismal footage of a few steelhead swim by. Put the money into fish rearing!

    On another note, I say bring on the 68 new members regardless!

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    ^ Ron has got it!

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    Mmmm......I got the answer....I have a GoPro and a chest mount harness......could pay me to fish at the dam all day long......nah, scrap that idea, been there done that.....I need the peace and quiet now!

    Denny (Cam)

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    And to add to that, yes, scrap it.........way too much info out there with weather reports, radar, river level charts anyway.....if you cant figure out what's going on with the run by now,.... you are in the minority.......RG has the best answer.


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    My opinion

    When the Ministry first approached the Steelheaders on the camera I commented on what just about everyone knew in advance...the vast majority of spring and fall runs take place when the water is high and off coloured and that type of camera in the location at denny's would be a bust.

    To me personally, my opinion is the entire set-up is a piece of crap. We can literally handle 3,000 fish in a day if we have the manpower when the run is on. We drop the trap for less than an hour, lift it and count more than 300 fish, sometimes as high as 400 hundred or more fish...that's in an hour and only done twice a day for a total of between 600 to 800 fish and some days even more...the trap is out of the water and the fishway is wide open for an additional 22 hours a day, every day of the spring and fall...thousands of fish daily. Yet, that piece of junk (in my opinion) has never eve given a real count when the water murkies up.

    The Ontario Steelheaders have approached the MNR and talked with private engineers already about installing an underground viewing room for the public to actually see the fish run under all conditions... The station would be located down from the trap and cage and above the lower entrance. Even under murky conditions fish would visible. These viewing stations are found up and down the west coast and are real attention grabbers for both anglers and the general public. The window would be about 20 - 30 feet in length and 4 - 6 feet high. We shall see what's really a no-brainer.

    But as for the camera, junk it and any other cameras on the river as well. The best use would be as a part of river bottom structure.

    In my opinion that thing is useless when the run is on and gives a very bad impression of what is really going on at the Sagueen
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    Are they scraping all 11 Nodes then? I thought it was funded by a large think tank?
    The information is sketchy best of times. I vote scrap it.
    The set-up at Michigan U is funded by corperation support. advertisers also help. No avenue to get sponsership?

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    Ron if you are talking about the one at Lake Superior State University at the Soo that covers Roger Greil's Atlantic program, that camera works under ultra clear water in the St. Mary's almost one hundred percent of the time
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