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    Lake Huron Phd Study - Please Help Lauren with her study

    Here is some information in regards what my PhD research entails and what
    > we will be doing up in the bay.
    > I have also included some photos.
    > My primary focus is mapping the surface water currents in the bay to
    > predict where you might find larval fish. The idea is that small fish are
    > at the mercy of water currents. They go where the water takes them and
    > are unable to swim against strong currents including the prevalent
    > south-north longshore current in the lake and the wind driven surface
    > water currents.
    > To monitor this, we are going to be putting out drift cards into the bay.
    > These are orange painted pieces of plywood with unique identifying numbers
    > starting at 1. I have included a picture. Each drift card has an
    > information card on it with a brief explanation of the project and my
    > contact information. Some drift cards will also have GPS units on them to
    > track their paths. If people find these in the water it would be great to
    > know where they saw them, approximately what time and date and if they
    > could just let them keep floating that would be great. If people find
    > these on shore if they could contact me so I could make arrangements to
    > pick up the card and if they could let me know the date, relative location
    > (GPS if at all possible) and what number card they found that would be
    > great.
    > I will also be doing the same things in both Inverhuron and Holmes Bay so
    > fishermen may see cards there as well. We aim to put out cards in the
    > next week or so and will most likely be around in the area until the end
    > of July.
    > We will also be on the lake doing some plankton and water sampling, so
    > people will see us around in the bay and should come and say hi! We are
    > happy to answer any questions.
    > If you would share this information that would be a huge help, and the
    > news letter would be great! If you could please send me a copy of the
    > news letter for my records that would also be great - I would love to
    > include it in my final presentation for my research.
    > I hope that this helps to explain what we are doing and please feel free
    > to contact me or have any one with questions email me, I can check my
    > emails rather regularly at the Inverhuron provincial park.
    > Thank you again for all your help with this and if people have any
    > comments or concerns please feel free to pass along my email, I am more
    > than willing to explain anything.
    > Thank you again!
    > Lauren Overdyk
    > --
    >><> ><> ><> ><>
    > Lauren Overdyk
    > PhD Candidate
    > Department of Integrative Biology
    > University of Guelph
    > 50 Stone Road East
    > Guelph, Ontario
    > N1G 2W1
    > email.
    > phone. 519-824-4120 ext. 53594
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    This is likely redundant but perhaps not

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    Neat. She works in the same Lab at UofG as my girlfriend.

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