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    Cool School Presentations are started again 2 down, ? more to go

    Started off on Sunday at the Bruce County Museum with Mike Hahn with 9 youth, then off to Hillcrest School JK/SK on Tuesday & today I was at Sacred Heart JK/SK & 1/2 for 40 minutes at 09:00 & followed that with Grade 3 to Grade 8 for over an hour with a little longer presentation & more questions packing up at 11:00.
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    Richard, you make the club proud. I'm amazed and gratified by the success of your initiative.

    Folks, this is nothing to just fly past - it's getting major attention, acceptance and exposure.

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    Good on you! Your doing great work by educating our youth...without people like you our fishery wouldn't be the same keep up the good work.
    If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference!

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    Well done boys, educating the next generation of fishers will go a long way in helping our fisheries. Thanks for your efforts.
    I don't care if you lick windows or ride the short bus. You hang in there Sunshine! You're friggin SPECIAL!!

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