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    Cool Taking Care of the School Hatcheries over March Break

    With the PH & Ammonia being off a little on a couple of Aquarium's I was on duty for the March break, making Trips to 2 School's in Walkerton, Mildmay, Teeswater & 1 in Wingham over these dates March 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, after siphoning 2 pails of water out of each Hatchery & replacing it with Mildmay Well water they sure look good. Some of the Salmon are getting big.
    Tight Lines Richard

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    Strong work and dedication Richard! Thanks for your efforts into the education of our future

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    Way to step up Richard.

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    Looking good Richard, thanks for all your hard work, I'm sure the students really enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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