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    Wiarton Weigh Station in 2014 for Chantry

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here. So I'll do it.

    There will be a Chantry weigh station in Wiarton for 2014. A few years back, we included waters on GB to afford a lea shore on windy days - and you know we have them on Huron side. The nearest weigh-in was at Pike Bay and hopefully Wiarton will afford convenience for many of you.

    Details and boundary waters will be posted in due time.

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    Along with that Nick the Chantry Boundary will now go to the South end of Colpoy's Bay. This is definitely a big deal!

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    I'm not sure exactly were your talking about guys but I am sure this can only be a "win win" for the tournement and it's participants. Congrats

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    I'm sure this wasn't a simple decision. This provides MORE productive water to fish during my favorite derby. This will also be beneficial for the town of Wiarton. Awesome.

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    It was well thought out by the Derby Committee Josh. You are right, this is a HUGE deal. The unanimous support by the boys at Bruce Peninsula Sportsmen Association was the deciding factor. The way that Club has supported the LHFC over the years is something truly special. Hats off to the BPSA.

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    Great news for sure! That being said, I hope it's an 'additional' weigh station and not just a re-location from pike bay as it wouldn't be very convenient for people fishing lion's head or lake huron out of pike bay.


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    NEW weigh station Eli. Pike Bay remains. We have a great bunch of volunteers who work tirelessly at the Pike Bay weigh station each year so we are not going to let that go the way of the doo doo bird...........Not a chance!!!

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