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    Cool 27 pound Chinook caught a Douglas Point


    Last Friday morning, a long-time member of the LHFC, Carmen Gazel, landed a 43" long Chinook. He fought it for an hour and when they weighed it on shore the scale tipped 27 pounds.

    I did not see the fish, but Carmen and the 4 guys that saw it all confirmed it's size.

    Just an FYI for all to read. And sulk.

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    WOW great fish

    Neighbour picked up a 19 lbs the other night

    I still have not toped 15lbs in years

    Good luck to all and thanks for letting us know they are still around

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    What a tank!!...too bad Carmen didn't catch that during the derby!

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    Nice too see Huron and GB starting to produce some bigger fish than past years.

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    More bait out there = bigger fish

    At least that's what we're seeing in G-Bay.

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