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  1. Update from 3 school's short videos.

    Here are 3 short videos from last week from local school's lots going on and not much time for sharing everywhere drop by every once and a while to check out what's happening. There are some videos...
  2. Thanx Mike, the students love having someone...

    Thanx Mike, the students love having someone going into check the Hatchery and talking about fishing, they are the future volunteers hopefully.
    Tight Lines Richard
  3. School Salmon Hatcheries are looking great

    We have formed more partners and expanded to Waterloo, Kitchener, Aylmer and another school in Guelph, Manitoulin Island has another School, Sarnia has 2 more Schools and Owen Sound has 3 more...
  4. Kincardine Trout Hatchery counting and sorting dates

    Letting people know Matt will be at the hatchery on Feb 11 with a group to size and count fish. Then he will carry on from there and expects it to take about a week starting at 9:00 and they expect...
  5. Thanx Guys, that is a portion of the Students...

    Thanx Guys, that is a portion of the Students involved, I could've had twice that many lol, I haven't been on these site much but I think I have a good reason, drop by my blog once in a while to see...
  6. Canadian Angler Hall of Fame Alumni have Voted

    Lake Huron Fishing Club School Salmon Hatchery Program Wins the Conservation Award
    Tight Lines Richard
  7. LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program is being set up again

    I've been busy with a few blogs up but I'll post one & let you look at the others when you're at the site, we will be expanding again with over 30 schools between all the clubs that are now working...
  8. The Future of the LHFC and Chantry Chinook Classic

    I'm posting this on as many sites as possible to try to get some new blood into the Club.
    Thanx & Tight Lines Richard
  9. Replies

    Busy Releasing Salmon

    We've been busy with our School Program after setting dates for releases we set up Kincardine Trout Hatchery & Lighthouse Museum Tours top add to the day, I've released 5 of my schools & Al has...
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    Lake Huron rising

    Baie du Dore yesterday washing lures lol no pike to be found but the water level is definitely up pictures don't lie.
    Tight Lines Richard
  11. School Salmon Hatcheries are gearing up for releases

    That time of year again Al has his 2 Kincardine schools finished releasing their Salmon & the hatchery tour is finished,mine start Monday & continue for the next 3.5 weeks, they are getting to be a...
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    Brown Trout are growing nicely

    Stopped by Kincardine & the Browns are looking good, checked out the Rainbows & they are getting bigger too & checked out a few schools that are raising our Chinook Salmon.
    Tight Lines Richard
  13. That time again Rainbow Trout Counting, Sorting & Fin Clipping

    The LHFC will be starting these 2 big jobs if your interested let us know. Here's a video of the Browns & Rainbows yesterday.
    Tight Lines Richard
  14. The plan is to cover as much of our area as...

    The plan is to cover as much of our area as possible & our area keeps getting bigger,lol, more volunteers & club partnerships wanted.
    Thanx & Tight Lines Richard
  15. Gore Bay School Salmon Hatchery Partnership with LHFC

    Here is 2 generations of Teachers passing on The School Salmon Hatchery Program on Manitoulin Island, Nice. Glad to be part of it.
    Thanx & Tight Lines Richard
  16. Another day on the road Browns, Rainbows & Chinook.

    Started of in Kincardine at one of our school's then to the Trout hatchery to check on the Browns & Rainbows, next stop Walkerton, Formosa, Brookside & Goderich school's everything is looking good &...
  17. Guelph Resurrection Christian Academy Hatchery Live Feed

    Here we go again everybody can watch the School Salmon grow for the next 5 months until they get released, if you don't have one in your area follow it here. Feeding should start soon.
    Tight Lines...
  18. LHFC Hatcheries have Browns, Rainbows & Chinook

    Headed to Port Elgin to get Food for the Schools & Dropped some off at Kincardine so here is the video of our Salmon Alevin, Brown Eggs & Rainbows.
    Tight Lines Richard
  19. Saugeen Central School Salmon Hatchery wall mural in progress

    The students are working on the mural for the rest of the year this is the stage they are at now, looking good.
  20. LHFC School Salmon Hatchery partners with 5 other clubs

    This is what I've been hoping for.
    Tight Lines Richard
  21. Hilarious

  22. Let the Salmon Fun & Learning begin the Hatch has started

    Lots of reports are coming in from LHFC School Salmon Hatchery School's that the Students are excited as the Eggs are starting to hatch.
    Tight Lines Richard
  23. 3 more LHFC School Salmon Hatcheries set-up today: Check out wher

    On holiday's this week to get the rest of the school's set-up, travelling today tomorrow & Wednesday for sure maybe Thursday to finish them off. Then off to a Waterloo Wellington Bass Anglers meeting...
  24. Getting ready for the 2015-16 School Salmon Hatchery Program to s

    There are some changes happening this year the LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program is making partnerships with Bluewater Anglers & Sydenham Sportsmenís Association plus I'm working with another Club...
  25. LHFC School Hatchery Program is ending for 2014-15

    All the Salmon are released & the Aquarium's are mostly gathered up & cleaned until October, I started to deliver the 22 Tackle Packages & Fishing Information to all 500 Students involved with the...
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