Plano, IL (April 9, 2013) – The saying, actually protest statement, “I only have two hands!” is accurate, anatomically speaking... Grab one thing, pick up another, and your paws are pretty well occupied. Same is infinitely true while freshwater and saltwater fishing – rod in one hand, bait bucket in the other, and so much for conveniently carrying and accessing your tackle. (Worst case scenario being a tipsy tray full of tackle spilling into the stream. The plunking sounds being the stuff of nightmares.)

    Bank fishing bandits, go-getters in waders and light-tackle travelers just sprouted a third arm. Wrapped around their waist and steadied by lower back support, this new extra limb is Plano’s Guide Series™ Lumbar Fishing Pack.

    Designed for instant access, as well as premium comfort, the Lumbar Fishing Pack is constructed of durable lightweight material and features padded shoulder straps with steady back support to balance out the load. The intuitive design minimizes the pack’s own weight to offer more storage space and strength to support its contents – jigs, rigs, baits, spinners, terminal tackle and every conceivable fishing tool.

    The model 4475-00 is the smallest of the three Lumbar Fishing Packs, measuring 14”L x 8”W x 8.5”H. It comes with two 3500 ProLatch™ StowAway® utility boxes and features a pair of exterior zippered pockets with multiple interior pockets – exterior zippers on all packs sporting oversized pulls for better grip with wet fingers. The entire family of Lumbar Fishing Packs also wear water bottle holders for quick fluid intake trekking to your special spot on the beach.

    Storage space increases on the midsized 4476-00 – it measures 17”L x 10.5”W x 10.5”H. Five zippered external pockets are partnered with abundant interior pouches. Two 3650 ProLatch StowAways let you custom organize tackle for every species and fishing situation. Unique to this pack is a generous compartment located under the main lid that nearly doubles the pack’s total storage capacity. The 4476-00 Lumbar Fishing Pack also converts into an auxiliary backpack, which folds out with a catch-all pouch that lays flat on your back.

    The largest pack in this series is the 4477-00, which measures a roomy 18.5”L x 10”W x 10”H and comes with two of the larger 3750 ProLatch StowAway boxes for ultimate organization. Everything has a home inside this pack’s five zippered pockets and well-conceived internal pouches. The main compartment gifts plentiful storage, too – most of the three models.

    Plano is committed to maximizing your time on the water. It’s been that way since 1952. They’ve really gone out on a ‘limb’ this time, too, growing a third arm to manage tackle while your other two dedicate to fishing.

    Retail price on the smaller 4475-00 is $49.99; $74.99 for the midsized 4476-00; and $89.99 for the jumbo 4470-00.

    For more information, visit www.PlanoMolding.com.
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