• 4th Saturday in April

    So close you can almost smell it in the air, of course you might have to wipe of the snow first. Hopefully the crazy weather we have been getting this spring will have settled down by then and the rivers will be in prime condition.

    To get trout season going I have posted the regs for Area 16 which covers Southern Ontario. I know everyone is itching to get out there and hit their favorite old haunts but first take a look at the regs and make sure you know any Exceptions or other changes that may have a bearing on your day.

    Please remember to be a thoughtful angler this year, don't throw your garbage in the river or on the banks, if you brought it in BE SURE to take it out with you!! Many areas that used to allow access have now closed because of the mess anglers left behind them. As it says in the regs, Ontario’s Conservation Officers want you to know, It is an offence under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act 1997 for anyone to trespass for the purpose of fishing.

    Be curtious on the river, give the guy beside you lots of space, don't force your way in, watch out for other anglers lines.

    And above all follow the rules and regs.

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