• 7:30 pm Thursday March 14th Underwood Community Center - MNR Speaks about Rainbow

    Good day fellow GBOers.

    The MNR will be presenting its stocking plans for the next 3 to 5 years for the Steelhead it is raising in Chatsworth on Thursday night in Underwood. Any member of the public is welcome. It will be very informative for all who attend.

    These meetings are very informal and if we can get a good crowd out Thursday it wil show the MNR that we as fishermen and women want to be involved and informed about the preservation of the Fishery on Huron and GB.

    My guess is that you would be out of there in a little more than an hour. Those who wish to stay for the General LHFC meeting afterwards are welcome to do so as well.

    Michael Hahn
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