• Simple Swinging Patterns

    Thought I would share a few patterns i used this fall swinging for steelhead. These flies are very simple to tie and the fish hammer them!

    A simple marabou spey pattern intruder style. I found when I used Jungle cock eyes I caught more fish.

    Fly Recipe

    Hook- hair pin or black salmon hook cut off.
    Trailer Hook- Gama or Raven tied with 50lb braid.
    Tail-marabou stripped on the one side and wrapped.
    Body-dubbing of your choice I like Steelhead SLF
    Rib- silver Med tinsel
    Flash- 2-3 strands flashabou or k-flash.
    Head-Marabou stripped on side and wrapped.
    Option- Jungle cock eyes
    Option- you can tied dumbell eyes on for deeper and faster water. I usually use unweighted flies and adapt by using different density of sink tips.