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    The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame http://www.freshwater-fishing.org recently announced that Darryl Choronzey of Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada has been inducted into the 2015 class of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. Recently retired from his Going Fishing Television Series, Choronzey and his wife Monica now reside on the shores of Lake Erie a stone's throw from the International Peace Bridge that joins Fort Erie to Buffalo, New York.

    Darryl Choronzey has been a Canadian sport fishing advocate for more than 50 years being awarded the Canadian Sport Fishing Hall of Fame Award, Canada's Recreational Fisheries Award and now being inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

    Darryl Choronzey started his outdoor writing career in the early 1970’s freelance writing for the cross-Canada Globe and Mail newspaper, the Toronto Sun and Ontario’s syndicated Inland Publishing Group. For more than 20 years Choronzey published and edited Ontario Fisherman Magazine during the 1980’s and ’90’s. For another 20 years Darryl was the producer/host of the popular cross-Canada television series Going Fishing TV. For more than 40 years Darryl Choronzey has been educating not only fishing techniques, but fisheries enhancement from coast to coast.

    The fisherman / environmentalist has been deeply involved in numerous Canadian fisheries projects and improvements throughout the Great Lakes

    A little more than a decade ago Choronzey approached the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources with a plan to improve and enhance the steelhead fishing opportunities on the Saugeen River, a Lake Huron River tributary. With the co-operation, of the Ministry and the efforts of two clubs, the Ontario Steelheaders and the Lake Huron Fishing Club more than 50,000 wild steelhead yearlings are raised, reared and then released into prime spawning waters far upstream annually for maximum imprinting. The project also includes the upstream transporting of approximately 2,000 adult steelhead annually to upstream spawning sites.

    Today, ten years later, the Saugeen River is looked upon as one of the finest steelhead rivers on the continent with fish runs estimated at as many as 50,000 adult rainbow trout annually.

    In 2002, Choronzey was awarded the highly coveted Canada’s Recreational Fisheries Award in recognition of improving, protecting and promoting sport fishing in Canada. In 2011 Darryl was enshrined into the Canadian Sport Fishing Hall of Fame.

    For more than 50 years Darryl Choronzey has used both print and the airwaves to improve sport fishing and preserve our fish stocks.
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