• Boat Net - #024

    Boat Net #024

    Compared to the Steelhead nets these nets have larger net hoops and longer handles to make netting fish from a boat much easier.

    Overall length is 61 1/4 inches
    Hoop Size is 20 1/2 X 17 1/4 inches
    Handle length is 40 3/4 inches

    For extra strength and durability the hoop is a lamination made from 5 layers of hardwood 1/8" thick glued together with a premium "Waterproof" marine epoxy.

    In this net the hoop laminations are, from outside to inside Walnut, Maple, Walnut, Maple Walnut.

    The handle on this net is made from Walnut.

    Net is shown without the netbag attached, a netbag will be installed.

    Price $200.00

    Extra Options that can be added to this net would include, Brass Eyelet, Lanyard Strap, Inch Markings, Name burnt into the handle.

    Note: Still experimenting with how to photograph these longer nets....

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