• Magnetic Net Release

    Magnetic Net Release

    For larger nets we found the design used by many companies will not hold without using crazy strong magnets which makes the release when you need to use the net too hard. The problem occurs when the bigger Steelhead nets swing back and forth while walking they cause the normal magnetic net releases to rock back and forth and release.
    The solution, after many attempts, was to have the magnets set back into the release so that net movement didn't cause the magnets in the release to separate (rock back and forth) with normal movement.

    Below is net #012 with the new and improved Magnetic Net Release attached and installed on a fishing vest.

    This is net 012 with magnetic net release attached and on a fishing vest

    Here is a close up of how the Lanyard attaches to the 'D' Ring on the Fishing Vest.

    Here is the Magnetic Net Release with the Lanyard attached.

    To install the release on a net, tug the brass bolt to release the part that attaches to the net, you will have a small aluminum part that fits into the magnet that is installed in a steel cup and has a small brass bolt, the bolt is a small size to allow it to fit into a hole in the net hoop used to tie on the netbag. Secure the part on the net with the small nut and tighten it up, careful not to over-tighten! If there is any of the brass bolt sticking up past the nut when it is tight use a file, saw or side cutters to shorten it so it doesn't protrude past the nut, use sandpaper to remove any sharp edges left by cutting. Careful not to cut the netbag!

    Attach the hoop at the top of the lanyard to the 'D' ring on your fishing vest, and clip the net into it. On the end of the long piece of paracord you will find a clip, attach it to the lanyard on your net handle. This cord can be adjusted for the length you feel most comfy with.

    Of course, if you order a Magnetic Net Release with one of the nets I make the release will come already setup and installed.

    Cost of this option will be $30.00 for the Magnetic Net Release and an extra $10.00 if you want the lanyard as well. (add HST to all prices and shipping (about 12 to 15 bucks) if ordered without a net)
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