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    My latest project is making custom wood fishing nets, this is something I have been planning to do for years and finally decided to begin last spring, the first batch of nets sat undone all summer until Bass season was over, then they were finished and posted on the site. They didn't last long..... I have since made a few specialized nets with various handle lengths and features and have been setting up to make more.

    The nets are handmade from local hardwoods and each one will be unique, it may be similar to other nets I have made but each will have it's own character. The hoops are made from laminations of 3 or 4 thin strips of hardwood for both strength and appearance, a combination of different woods is frequently used in the hoop or handle.

    For now I have only set up one basic hoop size for the Steelhead Net style but will be adding more sizes and styles as time and demand allows.

    Handles can be made from almost any type of wood in any reasonable length.

    Special requests are welcomed but may require a deposit.

    Each net is numbered.

    At this point I am only offering these nets on GBO, the only way to get one is to be a member of this site and contact me through a PM, this makes the whole process much easier and keeps the info in one place. if you are not a member look to the top of the page and click the Register link.

    Contact: For more info contact bruce at greybruceoutdoors dot com

    Examples of Completed Nets Click on the photos to see them enlarged

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