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    Bear calls, lack of management worry MPP Walker

    For Immediate Release
    July 21, 2013

    OWEN SOUND – Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says he is deeply concerned the Ministry of Natural Resources has stopped managing nuisance bears in Ontario.

    “The government has to step back in and to reinstate the trap and relocation program. Without a proper bear management program, none of us will be any safer,” says Walker.

    The province of Ontario last year ended its long-time bear management program at the MNR and put the Ontario Provincial Police in charge of bear-sighting calls. The province however still runs a so-called BearWise program, which consists of a hotline and website that tells residents how to prevent conflict with bears.

    “This is absolutely inadequate and improper,” he says, adding that he was especially concerned for the safety of children. “We’re dealing with potentially a predatory animal, and so the province has a duty to get back to monitoring and managing these animals, as opposed to letting residents fend for themselves.

    “So while I agree that all of us have a responsibility in this, I still believe that it’s most necessary for the MNR to ensure these wild animals are monitored and managed and do all in its power to reduce the risk of harm to residents.”

    Walker says the bear issue is yet another hot topic he has to discuss with the MNR minister, David Orazietti.

    "As the minister responsible for natural resources, Mr. Orazietti has to accept responsibility instead of downloading it to police who are not trained in wildlife management," says Walker.

    Ana Sajfert
    Office of Bill Walker, MPP
    Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
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