• Bass & Muskie Show

    Musky Canada Belle River Chapter and Riverside SportsMans Club is hosting a Bass and Muskie show Sunday May 26th, 2013.

    There will be an opportunity for anglers to clear their garages and sheds of any unwanted fishing/boating gear they would like to sell.

    The Sportsmans Club will have food through concession which will be Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Perch Sandwiches. At the Refreshment Stand there will be Water-PoP-Beer.

    This Bass-Musky Show will also be the kickoff for the 2013 Riverside Farmers Market.

    The Windsor Kids Choir will perform at 11:00 am and there will be other entertainment as well.

    There will be Trucks/Tow Vehicles on display and Boats and Kayaks!

    There will be a stage where Seminars will be given by Musky Guys and Bass Guys. This event also is being held just weeks prior to Musky and Bass Opener.

    If you are interested in being part of the show there will be a 5000 square foot tent with 10x12 foot spaces to rent for $50.00 meaning like 5 guys could get together and it cost them $10.00 a piece to set up a booth. Also there will be open ground spaces for $30.00.
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